Benefits Of Ozone

UltraPure™ Ozone generators create the following:

· A nature fresh bottled-water swimming/bathing experience
· Cost savings, fewer chemicals and less maintenance
· Extended life of equipment and longer filter runs

UltraPure™ Ozonated water eliminates:
· Red eyes or skin irritation
· “Chlorine” allergic reaction
· After use showers, shampoos, or sin moisturizers
· “Chlorine” smell
· No Green hair
and offers:

Simply crystal clear, healthy and often “azure” blue water

The Fewest Chemicals

Chlorine usage is lowered by 60% to 70% on pool (and 80% to 90% on spas), as are pH adjusting chemicals. The need for the following chemicals is virtually eliminated:

· “Shock Treatments”    · Scale Inhibitors
· Clarifiers                      · Scum Line Cleaners
· Algaecides                   · Scents
· Filter Aids                     · Filter Degreasers

The Least Work

Water balance is easily maintained. Filter runs are longer, since clogging greases and oils are broken down. Scum line or bathtub rings are kept away or easily brushed off. Overall pool and spa water maintenance and care are minimizedUltraPure™ Automatic Water Cleaner™ is an automatic water cleaner that pays for itself.