What is Ozone?

Ozone (O3) consists of three oxygen atoms.  It is produced in nature by sunlight and lightning. Ozone is a very reactive gas that causes the clean-air odor.

Passing ambient air over an UV lamp can produce Ozone.  The UV energy from the lamp(s) splits the oxygen molecules (O2) into oxygen atoms (O).  The free oxygen atoms combine with other oxygen molecules from the air stream to form Ozone (O3).  This method produces Ozone outputs in the ranges of 0.01-weight percentage, or wt%, (100 ppm) to 0.1 wt% (1000 ppm).  The method does not require any feed gas air-preparation systems.  UV systems are suitable for use in residential pools and spas.  They produce enough Ozone to be effective and tend to cost less than Corona Discharge (CD) systems which require special air-preparation and cooling systems.