Menu Management Approach™

Pure, Sparkling Water the way Mother Nature intended

Introducing the Menu Management Approach
A complete system for natural water purification
The Menu Management System for pool water sanitation is a simple three-part system. By using natural elements for a majority of the pool water sanitizing, the need for chlorine in your pool will be reduced significantly. Because the problems with chlorine are virtually eliminated, the need for shock treatments, pH adjuster and other expensive specialty chemicals will also be drastically reduced. The result is natural, sparkling clean water today and for years to come. 

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Rids the pool of non-living contaminants, lotions and oils
Stops the growth of algae and bacteria
Back up level of chlorine

oxidizer n:

1: a substance which interacts with non-living contaminants (bather wastes) in pool water and alters or removes them.

biostat/biocide n:

1: agents used to stop the growth of or kill living microorganisms.

residual n:

1: a small (1.0 to 1.5 ppm) level chlorine that serves as a measurable indicator and as a sanitation back up.

The UltraPure Pool Ozone Generator

The UltraPure Pool Ozone Generator produces naturally occurring Ozone and introduces it into the pool water.  Ozone is the strongest oxidizer available and works instantly.  Since chlorine is no longer required for this oxidization work, chlorine demand is lowered 60 to 70%.  Also, the need for shocking and specialty chemicals is significantly reduced.

A Mineral Based Biostat or an Algicide

Use any mineral based biostat to stop the growth of algae and bacteria or use any algicide to kill and control algae.  This supplements chlorine’s role as a biostat and as a biocide, decreasing the need for expensive specialty chemicals.  Chlorine demand is lowered an additional 20-25%.

Chlorine Dispensed Automatically

There are many different ways to dispense chlorine automatically into swimming pool water.  There are devices that plumb into the pool’s circulation equipment and devices that float in the pool.  These devices slowly erode the chlorine so a small amount is added daily to create a residual.
Why Less Chlorine is Better
Chlorine, the grandparent of the pool water sanitizers, has two major shortfalls. It is a poor oxidizer and tends form all sorts of obnoxious compounds in the water. These “combined chlorine” compounds cause eye irritation, and bad odors. Chlorine is also deactivated by sunlight, even in pools with proper stabilizer (cyanuric acid) levels. These two weaknesses waste up to 90% of the chlorine added to pool water. Our Menu Management System for pool water sanitation provides the strongest oxidizer (Ozone) and “sunstable” biostatic minerals or an algicide to supplement chlorine’s weaknesses. These supplements do 80-90% of the work poorly done by chlorine. Chlorine’s primary role, in the menu, is to provide a measurable back-up sanitizer residual.. 
How a Mineral Based Biostat Works
A mineral based biostat will produce copper and silver ions at low concentration levels to stop algae and bacteria growth. An algicide is used to kill algae and molds at levels recommended by the manufacturer. In either case, these products are “sunstable” unlike chlorine. They will stay in the water much better than chlorine, allowing a lower residual of chlorine. Therefore a proportional amount of sunlight losses are avoided. 
How an Ozone Generator Works
The UltraPure Pool Oxidizer converts naturally occurring oxygen into O3, also known as Ozone. The Ozone is mixed with the swimming pool water, ridding it of non-living contaminants, e.g. lotions, oils, make-up and ammonia compounds. Therefore this oxidation work is no longer required by the chlorine in the pool water. The chlorine demand is then lowered (by up to 70%). The need for shock and expensive specialty chemicals is virtually eliminated. 
The Advantages of the Menu Management Approach™ are:
  • sparkling, polished looking pool water
  • a silky smooth swimming experience
  • 80 – 95% reduction of chlorine, shock and expensive specialty chemicals
  • the fewest chemicals of any system
  • near automatic, preventive pool water care